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Apple’s iPhone went on sale in Australia today. I hear from friends on Twitter that the queue is still more than 20 deep in Brisbane’s CBD, more than halfway through the day.

Neilsen Online have calculated stats on existing iPhone users, and they rank it 4th overall in the smart phone category. I suspect the numbers are about to be radically altered.

What’s exciting to me about the release of the iPhone is the potential for mobile phone video content to take off in Australia at last… all the telco’s have priced plans to include web-data, and although they’re not super competitive in terms of worldwide pricing, they make browsing more affordable than ever before. Will our phone web use match the rest of the world, with 18-27 males making up the majority of users?

UPDATE: 6 months into America’s iPhone revolution and it’s definitely not following Wall Street. Kleiner Perkins has set up iFund, specifically for investing in iPhone apps startups. Read more here.


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