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Social networking serves a variety of purposes and recently I’ve been sorting out what works and doesn’t work for me in the multitude of Web 2.0 apps that tout enhancing my life. I stopped using MySpace when the relationship between communication with people I knew and people I didn’t know started to get seriously out of balance. There’s  also the aspiring minimalist in me who likes sophistication and clean layouts, and about nine months ago I made the permanent move to Facebook.

Facebook only lets my friends see my profile and it lets me decide who sees what info on said profile. I like this. I’ve come to realise people use Facebook for completely different reasons. For me it’s about keeping in touch with people from my past, in my real world present, and extending myself to network with people I admire in my industry. With those purposes in mind, I recently did a spring clean of my Facebook account and have implemented a new three strikes and you’re out approach to compulsive lil-green-patch (and other similar app) invitees.

For serious work/career networking I use LinkedIn. I use it to connect with potential collaborators, connections of my colleagues, and as a URL for my resume.

My newest web (and in fact multiplatform) fascination is Twitter. There are people on Twitter I know from the real world, there are people from my real world neighbourhood, there are people from my industry all over the world, and I can interact with them all… on the web, via a Twitter client, and from my mobile phone. I can choose how much information about myself I’ll share and whose tweets I’ll follow. Tweets are addictive. They contain links to sites & media and I can even upload photos from my phone directly to Twitter.

Reading Steve Rubel’s recent blog about making social networking ‘work’ for you inspired me to take more risks and really use some of the apps that constitute Web 2.0. I’ll keep you posted with what I discover.



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    • Posted July 15, 2008 at 7:20 am
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