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Lots of multiplatform projects utilise actor to user webcam style video to tell their stories. One of the things I’m most proud of in the multiplatform work I’ve done is its high video production quality. There are many factors to take into consideration when planning to tell your story across platforms. Not least of which is the audience.

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Not everybody is as comfortable using the world wide web as hanging out with Gen Yers may prompt you to believe. When we created the Emmerdale Online Channel at Hoodlum we were building an online experience for a predominantly female, over 30 audience. The most amazing community sprung up around the narrative mystery.

Spooks Interactive was skewed more towards a professional male audience, and Find 815… well, the fans of Lost are a unique bunch who consume content from their favourite show like it’s oxygen.

Each of these projects was based on an existing television property and we wanted to honestly recreate the tone and feel of that show on the web. We created an explorable village for the Emmerdale Online Channel, a sense of high drama to raise the stakes in Spooks Interactive, and mirrored the mystery of Lost in Find 815.

Delivering a story on the web doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice production quality. Careful planning and development, across story and technology, can ensure smooth delivery of a high quality, well-crafted story.

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