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Last week I attended my first SPAA conference. I went with Louise Alston, director of upcoming feature film Jucy (that I’m producing). We stayed at the OTT Palazzo Versace and crammed in as many meetings and sessions as we could.

It was fascinating to hear that Adams Kearney have just signed a deal to make a feature film entirely of UGC, about a boy… and a girl… and their quest to be together – fully documented through their vlogs on Youtube. Wow. I’m looking forward to learning more about how they’ll treat sound, pixels etc, if their ultimate aim is of theatrical release.

Another great session was the Virtual Worlds panel, run by Gary Hayes, director of LAMP. The number of people seeking entertainment in this way is astounding. One of KCDC’s projects, Upwardly Mobile, seeks to tell part of its story in a virtual world. It was enlightening talking with Gary and Laurel Papworth about suitable potentials.

Much has been said recently about Screen Australia’s proposed new guidelines and I won’t summarise it here, but they’ve created a fuss. The organisation’s new CEO takes her seat on Monday… let’s watch what unfolds for emerging producers in the coming weeks.

SPAA proved a fact that has been becoming increasingly clear… convergence is here.

In Australia.

Yes we’re a few years behind Europe but we’ve got remarkable talent who’ve been tackling it around the world (yours truly included) already. It’s an exciting time to be a multiplatform producer in this country. Stay tuned for experimental and inclusive cross-platform projects in the near future.

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