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As production for Jucy draws nearer, my attention is focused firmly on ensuring we’re prepared to collect everything we need during the shoot to market our baby. Jucy is the first feature film I’ve produced so I can’t compare the marketing communication strategy we’re planning with a more traditional one, but I can use what I know about audience behaviour and the experience I have in multiplatform production to inform it.

Planning collecting the content for our marketing strategy before heading into the film shoot makes lots of sense to me. We can use the cast while they’re in costume, on location, made up. We can use equipment we’re using to shoot the film. We’ll have the right gear and the right people.

We know who our audience is. We speak their language. We know where they are. We have the technology to reach them. And we plan to use it.

Thinking about our audience and what they do is time we consider well spent. We’ll be using the participatory nature of World 2.0 to capture the attention of Jucy’s audience because in the changing world of content consumption, we can’t afford not to.



    • Nicholas
    • Posted December 10, 2008 at 7:46 am
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    You seem really on the ball with all of this. And you definitely want to try and capture everything you can – not just the product but the process as well. Because it’s not just the audience you’ll be marketing to but possible distributors as well. Not to mention funding bodies and possible investors on the next project. :-)

    I can’t imagine how much work you’ve got in front of you shooting a feature film in a Brisbane summer. All those set-ups. All that lighting. Yikes! I’ve just come off producing a play and it was incredibly hard work. Tremendously exciting and fulfilling but such hard slog. And we only had to build one set – mind you it had over a tonne of timber. :-)

    Best of luck to you … I hope everything runs smoothly. And in amongst all that hard work try and steal a moment every now and then to enjoy it.

  1. I’m interested. How do I participate?

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I live in Brisbane, I don’t mind the heat and can lift heavy things.

  3. The cute and crazy Jucy show goes on the road on January 7. We could definitely use some extra hands at times.

    I’ll contact you directly soon.


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