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Chris Adams

One of the highlights of the SPAA 08 conference was hearing Chris Adams speak about the projects he was initiating and facilitating, and then meeting Chris and his friend and business partner Steve Kearney.

Chris and Steve have formed a company dedicated to taking Australian content to the world, and today they came on board to be Jucy’s Executive Producers.

JUCY is the second feature film by Louise Alston. It’s a ‘womantic’ comedy about Jackie and Lucy, two 20-something slacker best-friends-forever determined to prove to the world that they are not weird. They set themselves the goal of finding a boyfriend and a job within three months, showing everyone that they’re normal… but is such a thing possible? It’s a comedy about love, growing up, and friendship with emotional benefits. JUCY was written by Stephen Vagg and is being produced by Kelly Chapman.

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