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Jackie calls Lucy

Cindy Nelson brings Jackie to life, snapped here in her bedroom.

Photo by Jimmy Malecki.

We’re halfway through the JUCY shoot and it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride… JUCY is the story of two best friends who are challenged to find a ‘normal’ place in the world. Jackie and Lucy are funny, flawed and incredibly human characters.

Cindy Nelson and Francesca Gasteen (the actors playing Jackie and Lucy) have worked with Louise Alston and Stephen Vagg to develop the characters over about a year. Both actors played roles in All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane.

Louise Alston

Throughout the shoot it’s been common for the crew to crack up laughing immediately after a take, and during one scene the director had to shove a napkin in her mouth to stop from disturbing our soundie.

Actors Ryan Johnson, Damian Freeleagus, Andy Ryan, Charlotte Gregg, Sarah Kennedy, Chris Sommers and Nick Cooper have all stepped in front of the camera this week, helping to create the JUCY world.

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