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Editing on set

With only 14 days to shoot a feature film, we’re editing an assembly of scenes as we go to ensure we capture everything we need, and to keep on top of our pick-up list.

The schedule for shooting JUCY is extremely tight. By capturing a feed from the split, our on set editor can assemble a rough cut of each scene immediately after we shoot it. Liaising with our script supervisor and our assembly editor, we know if we need to reshoot anything to capture the story beats.

Shooting on digital stock means we can be one step ahead when we start post, because everything we capture is logged and synced before the official edit starts. An added bonus is if there are any doubts about whether we got the moment, we can see an immediate playback.


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  1. Funny, I hardly ever think of film sets being this technological. Look at the PCs and macs and everything with lights and fans and whirring sounds :P
    Cheers Laurel

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