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Jucy crew

We were blessed with a great team shooting JUCY. Here’s the crew on the last night of principal photography. 

From L to R, standing: Patrick Conlon, Kat Kiorgaard, Mitch Doneman, Mitch Kennedy, Kat Westbrook, Marty Moynihan, actor Francesca Gasteen, Peter Ireland, Ryan Malyontrapp, actor Cindy Nelson, Scott Kimber, Jared Bazely, Macushla Kilvington, Tracey Coorey, Zoe McLachlan, Tim Marshall

From L to R, sitting on chairs: Michael Mader, Vicki Sands, Kelly Chapman, Louise Alston, Jan Reichle, Madeleine Overett, David Pawsey

From L to R, sitting on grass: Jimmy Malecki, Chris Cosgrove, Nicole Bourke, Paul Knox, Luis Bran, Jennifer Yeowart

Absent: Stephen Vagg, Nick McCallum, Andrew Soo, Tfer Newsome, John Willsteed, Emma Hodgeson, Davina Faye, Elisa Lago, Kyle Palmer, John Paul Davies, Emma Lucas, Marianna Tigani, George Caramalis, Dion Caramalis

Photo by Jimmy Malecki

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