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Spooks Interactive is a rich immersive online extension to the BBC’s flagship drama about MI5; co-produced by UK’s Kudos Film & TV and Brisbane’s Hoodlum. When ABC air Season 6 of Spooks (commencing Monday 6 April), fans will be able to log on and continue the spy drama in their own time, outside the appointed television timeslot.

Spooks Interactive stands as a watershed moment project in cross-platform storytelling: the audience member is involved integrally in the storyline, and each media platform strongly informs the other.

Hoodlum worked closely with Kudos from conception through to final delivery, and the result is a clever, glossy, integrated narrative broadband extension of the BBC’s favourite intelligence drama. Content for the broadband experience was collected in London and Brisbane and ten weeks of engaging interactivity, faithful in quality and tone to the TV series it extended, was constructed in Hoodlum’s studio. Although it might initially sound counter-productive, operating in two time-zones really worked for us; the UK day started as the Australian one wrapped, which meant we had 20 hours of ‘on’ time.

Spooks Interactive is a Hoodlum/Kudos co-pro, produced by Linda Paalanne and Kelly Chapman. Anthony Mullins wrote & directed the online drama, and conceptualised the gameplay, Anna Harris designed the project, Jareth Bone was the Lead Flash Developer, and Mark Smerdon took care of the PHP. Thom Saunders, Tracey Robertson and Nathan Mayfield were Executive Producers.

Spooks Interactive won two BAFTAS in 2008. Check it out from Friday 27 March at



  1. It feels appropriate to have distributed this post on Ada Lovelace Day, which honours women in technology. Ada Lovelace was Lord Byron’s daughter and is often referred to as the world’s first computer programmer.

    • James
    • Posted March 28, 2009 at 9:16 am
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    i think it would be a great interactive platform for the young and old generations.

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