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MPA Workshop

Last week I presented at a workshop organised by Therese Fingleton, Digital Program Officer at the Australia Council for the Arts, and Gary Hayes, Director of AFTRS Laboratory for Advanced Media Studies (LAMP). The workshop was designed to inspire Australia’s established arts organisations with ways they might use digital platforms that are relevant to their field, and to their audience.

A lot of assumptions are made about online behaviour, but when I’m faced with creating a cross-platform communication strategy for any of KCDC’s projects, I like to do the research first. We’re committed to reaching audiences on their own terms and to do this we need the facts about their behaviour. There are some great resources for information about what people are doing online and how they’re doing it; and I thought I’d share a few of my favourites here.

eMarketer provides a daily newsletter and some of its valuable articles are published free of charge. A premium site is also offered for people who need detailed analysis of specific audience behaviour.

ReadWriteWeb offers interesting articles about all things online, several times a day.

Micro Persuasion is Steve Rubel’s blog about the world of technology and features regular posts about the internet.

I hope, when you visit these sites that you find some information particularly relevant to you. If you’re interested in engaging a consultant on your cross-platform communication strategy, contact us.


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    • melinskiss
    • Posted September 22, 2009 at 11:05 pm
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    Hello Kelly, my name is Mel, hope you’re doing good.

    I really enjoyed your lecture one month ago in my class, Screen Business down at the Gold Coast. Thanks for that!

    I am now doing my pitch project preparation and just wanna let you know that I choose to be part of KCDC, pitching to PFTC.

    My feature film project is titled “Lolly Pop!” and is a multiplatform production. The movie’s plot itself is related with YouTube and Twitter. Now I’m starting to create the online community channel accounts for the movie’s character.

    I include you and your production company in the movie’s blog ( I hope you don’t mind.

    I really hope that you could give suggestion or comment about the appproach I’m doing..

    Thank you so much Kelly, I really appreciate your help..



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