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Last week I delivered a keynote at SPAA Fringe in Sydney. It’s tricky to know what level to pitch a presentation at, to a room of 200 people who come from all different areas of film & tv production, with varied experience; but I decided to wander introductorily through some of the forms entertainment or storytelling is taking across various platforms, and speak in more detail about case studies I’ve worked on.

We’re at a  crossroads in our industry, when the old paradigm doesn’t really exist any more, but there isn’t yet a new one. There are some things we know for certain – that audiences are consuming entertainment across four screens and increasingly in a mobile way – and if we’re going to keep up with the cultural and behavioural shifts that are happening in screen culture, we need to adapt and experiment.

I’ll be producing a panel at SPAA Conference in November, where Sara-Jane Woulahan and I will walk participants through local and global examples of branded entertainment and we’ll discuss our own projects that have been designed to incorporate commercial partners.

Because we like to keep informed of changes both in audience behaviour and technology, KCDC is well equipped to deliver screen stories that reach their intended audience, wherever they are.

SPAA Fringe: be prepared for anything (ScreenHub article)

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