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A couple of key issues come to mind when I think about the effect new media (that’s no longer so new) has on our film industry.

  • The first one is a no brainer – just look to the music industry  – what was once scarce has been made plentiful (albeit often illegally) and has decreased in value.
  • The second key issue is the behavioral shift that’s happened as a result of digitization – and it’s about audience participation & co-creation (community).

Here’s an excerpt from tonight’s Radio National Australia Talks program where I got to voice my opinion on this topic: Perhaps the conversation isn’t really about one platform versus the other, but could be about how we tailor storytelling across all platforms, to fit each story’s audience.

It was a lovely surprise while I was waiting to chime in to the debate on Radio National to hear Triple J’s Mark Fennell refer to a great example of Australian non-depressing filmmaking All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane; which was of course, the first feature film by Louise Alston (JUCY’s director).

Still used to create header image licensed under Creative Commons by aeter
Still from JUCY by Jimmy Malecki, (c) KCDC & Bunker Productions
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