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Our sales agent Odin’s Eye Entertainment is screening Jucy at the market in Cannes Monday week. We finished the trailer and the poster just in time. Steve Cooper of The Post Lounge cut our trailer and David Moore designed our poster.

Watch the video, rate it and share it if you like it.



    • Miranda
    • Posted May 31, 2010 at 11:54 pm
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    Not a bad idea but it looks to me like it is let down by the performances. Can anyone act in this country and do producers know what good acting is???

    • Wow Miranda… I presume you know I’m the producer of Jucy. The performances are actually very strong; and the feedback in Cannes unquestionably echoed this. Sure there are lots of performances in Australian films that don’t shine (although we’re not the only country that suffers this), but I suggest looking a bit wider to see some of the incredible acting talent in this country. I know quite a few producers who are really skilled at spotting (and using) really great acting. I hope you see some Australian films you enjoy soon.

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