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AFI award nominated Australian satirical web series Forlorn Gaze launches on US online network tonight. Created by Sarah-Jane Woulahan and Jud Campbell, Forlorn Gaze documents the trials and tribulations of the band the series is named after.

“Forlorn Gaze isn’t just an imitator or a follower of the cutting edge post-hardcore pre-crunk emo dance scene (or the Scene scene as it is known), they are trailblazers bridging the introspective sensitive world of youth with that of the mainstream.”

Phil Wood

The web series is supported by a presence for the band on Myspace and Youtube and through personal profiles for front man Sheldon D’Arc and manager Phil Wood on Facebook, Twitter and in the blogosphere. While US audiences are introduced to Forlorn Gaze for the first time, the Australian audience response to Forlorn Gaze has been phenomenal across social media and in the real world where they’ve played Falls Festival and Soundwave. They even scored a gig as talent for Falls TV, interviewing headlining acts.

Originally created for JTV, the launch of Forlorn Gaze on attests to audiences’ growing appetite for narrative made-for-web content. is one of a few thriving networks streaming series in HD.

On the back of the project’s popular success, the series creators are currently developing a longer form project, intended for television and I’m fortunate enough to be involved with this!

Forlorn Gaze on Myspace

Phil Wood Management International

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