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KCDC, Bunker Productions and Odin’s Eye Entertainment are proud to announce that Louise Alston’s sophomore feature, JUCY, will have its WORLD PREMIERE on Saturday September 11, in the Contemporary World Cinema section of the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival!

A womantic comedy of platonic proportions, JUCY stars Francesca Gasteen and Cindy Nelson. In the spirit of Muriel’s Wedding and Bridget Jones’ Diary, this Aussie comedy speaks to everyone who survived the all too common quarter-life crisis with a little help from their friends.

Our feel-good chick buddy flick has had a long gestation period but is finally about to be launched into the world. TIFF’s festival director Jane Schoettle has great things to say about the film:

“Confident and unconventional in its depiction of female relationships, Jucy is expansive in tone, moving from the zany details of the everyday into a nuanced and dramatic portrayal of a friendship at a crossroads. Buoyed by the impressive comedic skills of Gasteen and Nelson, Jucy navigates the field between laughter and tears with energy and grace.”

Along with Louise Alston (director), Stephen Vagg (writer), Jan Reichle (cinematographer), and the two lead actors whose real lives the film is based on, I’ll be on the ground in Toronto. There are five screenings all up.

JUCY was financed primarily by Screen Queensland and developed with the assistance of Screen Australia. The film was made by a fantastic crew with a lot of love.

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