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Last month Della Churchill and I launched a project we’ve been developing for more than two years. It’s the world’s first social network and information portal encouraging Australians to be pro-active about end-of-life affairs,

From assisting the recently bereaved with need-it-now information and contacts, to planning ahead for themselves, the site provides a safe online community to ask for help, share experiences and gain honest service provider referrals.

Currently, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, for every 1,000 Australians, 6.68 die per year. As the Baby Boomers age, this figure is predicted to rise to 10 people per 1,000 by 2040. More than ever before, dealing with parents moving into residential care or passing away and the questions these events raise will touch more Australians. takes a candid approach to death and gives practical information through text, videos, directories of service providers and useful links and checklists. It encourages people to plan ahead – not just for the disbursement of assets after death, but in details such as preparing their own environmentally friendly funeral, handling family disputes or considerations about their pins and passwords. There are bound to be topics you have not considered on this site.

“It is important for all Australians to understand their choices at this time, whether it’s their own life they’re wrapping up or their loved ones” said founder Kelly Chapman.

“Australians spend almost $17 billion on funerals, nursing homes and community care services per year, however, funeral planning and insurance are two areas where there is a lack of transparency and confusion, with many people not knowing whether they are paying what they should,” said Chris Zinn from Choice.

Until now there’s been nowhere to go to find information to help navigate this experience. is that place. Founder Della Churchill says “We hope by having this online resource at hand, more Australians will take charge of their own affairs to relieve their next of kin of the responsibility, at what is usually an emotional time”

We’ve used a freemium / premium business model with plans ranging from Free to the Platinum account which provides access to the geo-targeted directories of services, the community, and space to upload a video will or journal as well as other important documents; and nomination of next of kind including details for how they might access your material.

We invite you to take a look at our site and would love to hear your feedback.


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  1. Great work Kelly! Good to re-affirm that this exists. I love the notion of Freemium :)

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