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Category Archives: mobile

Wikitude is an application developed originally for Android phones that has been adapted for use with the iPhone. You hold up your iPhone and click the application to discover facts about where you are, and points of interest there. It’s also designed to be fully interactive (co-creative) with the ability to input data via your Google, Twitter, Yahoo or OpenID account. Can’t wait to play with this one at KCDC.


Dojo Monkey

Today I spent some time with Dale Rankine brainstorming ways we could evolve the delightful Dojo Monkey into a multiplatform experience for kids. Read More »

This is a cute video of the history of stories on screen. Please note it is an ad, so the final section is a tad evangelical…

And here’s David Lynch’s opinion of watching film on a phone…

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Apple’s iPhone went on sale in Australia today. I hear from friends on Twitter that the queue is still more than 20 deep in Brisbane’s CBD, more than halfway through the day.

Neilsen Online have calculated stats on existing iPhone users, and they rank it 4th overall in the smart phone category. I suspect the numbers are about to be radically altered. Read More »