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Recently I’ve been thinking about picking up acting again. Not sure you can really call what I did in this video acting, but I had a lot of fun.



With JUCY close to being finished (at least in the offline sense), I’ve been thinking lots about romantic comedies… and discovered that MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING is the highest grossing box office romcom ever made (in the English speaking world).

Predictably SEX AND THE CITY is in the top ten, as is PRETTY WOMAN. At KCDC we’re working on a sequel to the latter, the real story of what happens when a sex worker marries a rich man… more later.

If you’re interested in how romcoms have fared at the box office, check out this list.

Jucy pre-production

After a successful week promoting All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane in Copenhagen, director Louise Alston is back in the driver’s seat on her second feature JUCY. The KCDC office is positively buzzing!

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Absorbed completely

Many of us have seen how involved our kids get with their screens. New York photographer Robbie Cooper took the time to record just how present with their entertainment kids are.

Part of me wishes gunfire SFX wasn’t so prevalent during the absorption.

Sandy George wrote a feature article on Jucy’s director, Louise Alston, for Screen International. The link is here.