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AFI award nominated Australian satirical web series Forlorn Gaze launches on US online network tonight. Created by Sarah-Jane Woulahan and Jud Campbell, Forlorn Gaze documents the trials and tribulations of the band the series is named after.

“Forlorn Gaze isn’t just an imitator or a follower of the cutting edge post-hardcore pre-crunk emo dance scene (or the Scene scene as it is known), they are trailblazers bridging the introspective sensitive world of youth with that of the mainstream.”

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The web series industry has seen more change in the last six months than in the last six years. I mentioned last week that Hulu has entered the market, and over the course of this week we learned Fox’s digital studio 15Gigs has inked a deal with indie web series distribution portal My Damn Channel. Read More »

Not quite, but we’re inching closer. Reading a great post on Tubefilter a few days ago I had the distinct sense of what it feels like to be in the last stages of a roller coaster climb, before roaring down the other side. Hulu, the online distribution channel created through joint venture by Fox, NBC and ABC in 2007, has entered the original online content market. Until now Hulu has run shows that first appeared on TV and syndicated hosting through other sites, but has had no feasible revenue model.

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In a few days I’m going to be presenting  a panel on branded entertainment at the annual SPAA Conference, with Sarah-Jane Woulahan. Preparing for our session has really been a great refresher on what’s out there, what’s working and what’s not; and I thought I would share some of it.

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