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A group of innovative filmmakers in Sydney launched an exciting new initiative today, the first step towards financing their feature project independently of the ATO offset or government funding. Calling the method the 135 Project, it’s a creative exercise in crowd-sourcing. Read More »


Our sales agent Odin’s Eye Entertainment is screening Jucy at the market in Cannes Monday week. We finished the trailer and the poster just in time. Steve Cooper of The Post Lounge cut our trailer and David Moore designed our poster.

Watch the video, rate it and share it if you like it.

There’s a growing trend to release films across multiple media platforms on the same day. Sounds fair enough in a time when entertainment is enjoyed in many different formats, but does it make sense for smaller indie films like it does for studio films? Read More »

It’s all well and good to say you need to define your audience… but once you’ve identified who’s going to be interested in seeing your film, playing your game or watching your web or TV show, how do you track them down so you can convince them they’ll love it? Read More »

Our movie needs a tagline and we’d love your help. Read More »