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A couple of key issues come to mind when I think about the effect new media (that’s no longer so new) has on our film industry.

  • The first one is a no brainer – just look to the music industry  – what was once scarce has been made plentiful (albeit often illegally) and has decreased in value.
  • The second key issue is the behavioral shift that’s happened as a result of digitization – and it’s about audience participation & co-creation (community).

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This is a pretty cool video consisting some pretty astounding statistics. KCDC is always up for the challenge of combining high production value video content with the incredible reach of social media.

Gerd Leonhard recently posted about the near future becoming what he describes as an attention economy. He suggests some interesting models for obtaining this attention, and they’re models we’re seeing in various forms across multiplatform and ARG entertainment.

It will be fascinating in the coming weeks, months and years, to see how the stakes are raised in this new economy. Credibility, it seems, is the new black.