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Category Archives: Social Networking

Last month Della Churchill and I launched a project we’ve been developing for more than two years. It’s the world’s first social network and information portal encouraging Australians to be pro-active about end-of-life affairs,

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AFI award nominated Australian satirical web series Forlorn Gaze launches on US online network tonight. Created by Sarah-Jane Woulahan and Jud Campbell, Forlorn Gaze documents the trials and tribulations of the band the series is named after.

“Forlorn Gaze isn’t just an imitator or a follower of the cutting edge post-hardcore pre-crunk emo dance scene (or the Scene scene as it is known), they are trailblazers bridging the introspective sensitive world of youth with that of the mainstream.”

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Partly motivated by self interest (KCDC‘s first feature film is nearly finished) and partly by wanting to make sense of the great new ways there are to distribute independent feature film, I thought I’d cut through some hype and uncover the facts. Read More »


Micro-budget indie thriller Paranormal Activity debuted at Slamdance in January 2008. Two weeks ago it started screening at midnight sessions in 33 cinemas in the United States. Since then the film’s distributors Paramount have made sure there are plenty of computer terminals available at the cinemas and encouraged the audience to log on and post their reviews on Twitter and Facebook immediately – a hive activity that had dire consequences for Bruno, when negative posts and tweets halved the movie’s audience in 24 hours on its opening weekend.

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This is a pretty cool video consisting some pretty astounding statistics. KCDC is always up for the challenge of combining high production value video content with the incredible reach of social media.