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Last week I delivered a keynote at SPAA Fringe in Sydney. It’s tricky to know what level to pitch a presentation at, to a room of 200 people who come from all different areas of film & tv production, with varied experience; but I decided to wander introductorily through some of the forms entertainment or storytelling is taking across various platforms, and speak in more detail about case studies I’ve worked on.

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Last week I attended my first SPAA conference. I went with Louise Alston, director of upcoming feature film Jucy (that I’m producing). We stayed at the OTT Palazzo Versace and crammed in as many meetings and sessions as we could.

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An inciting and insightful video presentation on the ethnography of YouTube by Dr Michael Wesch from Kansas State University that made me feel all warm and fuzzy about user generated content… and perhaps just a teensy bit insecure about making a living the traditional way.