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Jucy opens on 5 screens across Australia on November 3, 2011 and the stars are going on the road to meet and talk to audiences! Read More »


Our sales agent Odin’s Eye Entertainment is screening Jucy at the market in Cannes Monday week. We finished the trailer and the poster just in time. Steve Cooper of The Post Lounge cut our trailer and David Moore designed our poster.

Watch the video, rate it and share it if you like it.

As we near completion of our ¬†first feature, a co-pro with Bunker Productions,¬†KCDC is pleased to announce Jucy has been picked up by Odin’s Eye Entertainment for worldwide representation. Odin’s Eye is a young, vibrant, switched on company and we’re thrilled to be working with them.

You might be wondering what a sales agent does, and how to get one… Read More »

augmented reality

Augmented reality is a world where data overlays the real world. One of my very early posts features Kevin Kelly talking about the transition from Web 2.0 (where we are now) to the semantic web (where augmented reality is well and truly with us). The release of iPhone 3GS is moving us one step closer to that vision of a connected, interactive real world.

An augmented reality iPhone application appeared in the apps store yesterday. It works using the iPhone’s video camera, GPS and compass. If you happen to be in Paris, you can hold the iPhone up and data on your phone tells you where the closest Met station is.

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Della Churchill, Monette Lee and Sean Dennehy on set

For the last couple of months, with the assistance of Screen Australia, KCDC has been working with Chilling Pictures and Circul8 developing a project that broaches the topic of dealing with the possessions of somebody who’s died. Based on the practical how-to book by Diana Todd-Banks, Wrapping It Up – The Ultimate Guide, we’re bringing to light a subject area that’s normally spoken about only in private, when it’s forced upon us.

Photo – Della Churcill directs Monette Lee and Sean Dennehy in a short re-enactment where grown-up siblings discover some unknown truths about their recently deceased mother.